Thanks to the “San Teodoro Bus Sharing” service you can get to our farm from Olbia (port or airport) at the price of 10 euro per person. Once here you can move independently, to reach beaches and in bus and attractions, for the price of 5 euro per person. There will also be discounts and reductions for travel roundtrip and children.

How does it work?
It need to book the service by calling the number +39 349 4453924 (including WhatsApp and sms) and agree on the time and destination. The bus will pick you up directly at the farm and take you comfortably to your destination.

Service Notes: There shall be no minimum number of people but remember to book in advance, do not wait the last minute, you may not find availability. The bus, before you get to your destination, you may make intermediate stops

Here are the contacts for further information and reservations: +39 349 4453924 +39 339 7311623 /// ///